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Personal Testimony  Pastor Edward Rice   I was saved in 1960 at the age of eight. My father and mother were saved and  founding members of Fellowship Baptist Church in Gang Mills New York. My mother was converted form Roman Catholicism, and became a Christian, she stopped praying to Mary and called upon the Lord Jesus Christ to save her.  She was thus converted from Catholicism and to the Lord Jesus Christ; She was born again.  
  The articles below are presented in love, that you may see the lies of Roman Catholicism and its tenicles into protestatism, understand Biblical Christianity and be converted as well.  Jesus Christ said "Except ye be converted .... ye cannot enter the kingdom of heaven."

Bible Truth about Baptists

 and Their Bible

Why a Baptist will ONLY use a King James English Bible

356 Doctrinal Errors, Corrupt Seeds of Critical Text

1020 Gross Textual Errors In Modernists Bibles at BJU

The Ancient Witness of Baptist - Not Protestant

 Why 1st John 5:7 Is Still In My Bible  

Some Baptist Distinctives

A Baptist Road Map of Denominations

Learning to Speak Roman Catholic (My Book Draft)

Learning to Speak Reformed Augustinian (My Book Draft)

Answers To Modernists on Sola Scriptura, Sola Fide

Origins of Catholic Doctrines V, From The Baptist Story by AA Davis

Chart of Catholic vs Baptist History, "The Trail of Blood"

 Catholic Position Papers By Pastor Rice

Where We Got
Our Bible

Page From 1684 Foxes Book of Martyers See

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