Depression Management Counsel

   Depression Management Counsel.   Bible centered counsel on dealing with moods and depression is available at GSBC and follows the outline of the work book available below.  It challenges you to pursue a new life in the Lord Jesus Christ.   This counsel is offered by Good Samaritan Baptist Church where it will meet at 54 Main St. in Dresden NY.  There is a $10  fee for printing the workbook.  The course is provided free as a ministry of GSBC.  Register for this insightful help taught by  Pastor Ed Rice.

Register by emailing Class Title, Name, Address, and  Phone  to edrice4(a)
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Depression Management Counsel Outline

I Introduction To Workbook (html)

   (Workbook in pdf formatt)

You don't have to be depressed. You don't have to see a doctor and wait for him or her to write you a prescription. You don't have to suffer the miserable side effects of standard prescription antidepressants. You don't have to endure weeks or months of waiting for you antidepressant drug to start working. You can stop your depression right now. In fact, you can feel much better in a matter of just days. And you can find all the tools you need to conquer your depression quickly and safely right here in these pages1. ...

“You don't have to be depressed. Depression saps us of our vitality, our joy in being alive. It wrecks relationships, careers, and even lives. But there is a new (no, an old) solution (that pharmacists and medical doctors have missed or steered you away from.) Now you don't have to endure awful side effects. You don't have to wait for weeks for relief. You can stop depression now. You can feel better in a matter of days.

“Depression is not some minor problem affecting only a few people. Current research estimates that fifty percent of the population – every other one of us – will suffer some form of depression at some time. Despite the hype surrounding the latest generation of prescriptions antidepressants, depression is not a thing of the past. Even the most modern prescription antidepressants are harsh drugs. They can cause miserable, even intolerable, side effects and take weeks to start working, if they work for you at all. It does not have to be this way.”1

1Taken from the flyleaf of a 10 year old diet supplement presenting yet another miracle cure for depression. It did not work and is gone today. The cure described in this workbook has worked for the past 2000 years, and this time, for this method this is not just hype.