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Baptists are original and NOT Reformed from Catholicism

Thesis Reformed COver Reformed Theology's Reformations Are Not Producing a Biblical Saystematic Theology... Hardcover: $24.05

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Reformed Augustinian Theology is, as its name so aptly captures, a reformation of bad Augustinian Theology that previously framed up the belief system of Roman Catholic Theology. The reformers began the reformation of the Roman Catholic theology and reformations have progressed until a common question is asked “Exactly what is reformed theology?” This work will analyze rate of change for reformation theology. It is feasible to understand where the transformation began, in the heart of Roman Catholic Doctrine, and where it is to land, in the heart of Biblical Baptist Doctrine. It had to depart from Catholicism and its horrid soteriology, tyrannical ecclesiology, mislead eschatology, inept Bibliology and defective theology. Is it now circling towards the epicenter of truth, or does it continue in the venue of its mother Church spiraling ever further from the truth? This effort focus and clarifies the position and course of Reformed Augustinian Theology with a clarity never before addressed.

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Election Cover

The Biblical Doctrine of Election and PredestinationFrom My Publisher Lulu

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The Biblical Doctrine of Election and Predestination: The Author is a USAF retired systems engineer turned Baptist Preacher who brings a fresh Biblical look at our systematic theology. His Master of Science degree in Engineering enlivens an analytical view of the doctrine of election and predestination. You will be amazed at how much Christian doctrine departs from the Bible and leans on Augustinian Theology and Calvin's Reformed Theology. We need to get back to sound Bible teachings with this doctrine. This treatise will move one in that direction.


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Israel Journal Cover

Journaling a Preachers Pilgrimage to Israel


Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ,

Bev and I were privileged to take a 10 day Holy Land Pastor's Educational Tour through Christian Journeys of Toronto Canada and the Half Shekel Journal I published is quite like my two cents about this life changing experience. If you are a Christian who has never gone to Israel, God's Promised Land, I encourage you to go through the pages of this journal. If you have gone, revisit the changed landscape through the eyes of this Baptist Preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Visit Israel, and you will never be the same. All Christians will go there one day. Read the journal and prepare for the trip. Pastor Ed and Bev Rice

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Textual Error CoverThe 357 Magnum Errors of Modernist Bibles


Now you can see for yourself what the ecumenical modernists have done to the Words of God. In their Greek then modernist English they twisted 357 verses so perversely that 16 were completely eliminated from their bibles. This book illustrates the 357 Scriptures as they were in the original Greek and English, and as they now appear in modernist versions, making it a valuable reference for any Bible student.

The words torn out or added to the Nestle Aland Greek text are amply highlighted so knowledge of Greek is not necessary to see the havoc that they purposefully wrought by following the Westcott and Hort text and its Alexandrian texts devised and copied by the apostate, neo-Platonist, gnostic Origen Admantius (185-254 AD). Including a chapter showing Nestle Aland's twisted use of their textual criticism apparatus to eliminate 16 and completely 'gut' 4 verses out of the Holy Bible. Every Christian should be familiar with with what they have done to the Holy Bible and every Pastor must be.

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Letters CoverLetters To Kassandra

Dear Kassandra,

I suppose that all my training and experience as a youth pastor and my education as an engineer and preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is not of much value if I cannot communicate the facts of life to my 14 year old grand daughter, my own flesh and blood. I know that you are going through a lot just now and for that reason I want you to understand some very basic precepts about sin, what it is, what it does, and getting free from its ugly tentacles. I know your awareness of the sins all around you. I want, in this writing to deal frankly with what sin is and what sin does. I want to present some facts of life to my teenage granddaughters

Love Grandpa

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Eight Volumes of Penny Pulpits

Weekly messages preached at Good Samaritan Baptist Church are condensed into devotional essays and sent out as weekly Penny Pulpit Columns for local publications. This collection of messages was preached over 8years, from 2006 to 2013. They contain the wisdom of God in 416 essays over multiple topics. Available in epub or in pdf.  

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PP 10-11 Cover

What the Bible Says in 52 Penny Pulpit Essays

2005-6, 2007, 2008 and 2009, and now 2010-2011

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What The Bible Says in 52 Penny Pulpit Essays From 2010 & 2011 paperback $12.38

Pastor Rice enlivens an analytical view of the Scriptures as he preaches practical applications for his folks each week. His practical teaching of God's Word is captured each year in 52 weekly Penny Pulpit publications which is formatted into these short booklets for your edification.

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pp 05-06 CoverWhat The Bible Says

in 52 Penny Pulpit Essays 2005-06

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pp 07 CoverWhat The Bible Says

in 52 Penny Pulpit Essays 2007

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pp o8 CoverWhat The Bible Says

in 52 Penny Pulpit Essays 2008

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pp 09 Cover

What The Bible Says

in 52 Penny Pulpit Essays 2009

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addiction CoverDealing With Our Addictions A Constructive Workbook

A Biblical Perspective on Victory over Addiction to Drugs, Smoking, Alcohol, Liquor, Pornography, or Gambling. ... I have an addiction. Bible centered counsel on dealing with addictions following the Reformers Unanimous program to introduce you to the one who can provide freedom from ANY addiction, the Lord Jesus Christ. Eighty percent of the USA is struggling with addictions. He can change you.

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