Teaching the Bible

Sunday School Material for Good Samaritan Baptist Church Ages 5-99

Introduction To These 13 Week Series

There is a need to develop an ability to teach the Bible without all the predigested study lessons which talk about the Bible. These 13 week series will provide lesson tips and a basic lesson plan for the book of Ephesians which should aid teachers to develop and study the Bible lesson material for each week. It shall be incumbent upon each teacher to select present and illustrate the Bible truths of the week. This process should be done with thought and preparation for the age group you will be teaching.

Each lesson will contain a lesson for teachers. In this day and age these will constitute important tips on being an effective teacher and leader of your class.

The lessons outlined here include:

A Commentaty on Psalm 119 (SS Lessons) 7/30/07

Teaching the Bible Teaching through Ecclesiastes

Teaching The Bible Teaching through Job

Teaching the Bible Teaching through Ephesians

Teaching the Bible Teaching Corinth's 15 Aliments in 15 Chapters 

Teaching the Bible Teaching through  Elijah and Elisha  

Teaching the Bible Teaching through the Miricles of Jesus  

Romans 12:1-2