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Dear Editor,

This letter is longer than what is usually printed in editorials but after you printed Rev Dick Rauscher's slanderous 2 page letter (Feb 16 2005) it is fitting and fair that you print this short rebuttal. Please print the whole letter.

Pastor Edward Rice

Good Samaritan Baptist Church

54 Main St. PO Box 99

Dresden NY 14441

(315) 536-0878 Home (607) 292-6639

A letter you printed entitled “Scientific evidence is clear, fear keeps conservative Christians from accepting theory of evolution” is so fraught with error that I, a fundamentalist conservative Christian under his slanderous attack, must respond to Dick Rauscher's folly. There in no 'scientific evidence' that supports a hypothesis of macro-evolution nor is there a shred of 'scientific evidence' supporting this planet's age anywhere near 3.5 billion years. Ignorance of the scientific method accounts for such ludicrous suppositions as found in this certified psychoanalysts attack on Christianity. Scientific evidence would involve the laboratory demonstration of evolution and despite years of grandiose effort, all that can be demonstrated in our laboratories is de-volution. Not a single, ever seen, mutation produced had a single beneficial attribute, none; thats why we call them mutants. There is not a single, ever seen, dog – horse cross that scientifically demonstrates their hypothesis that horses came from dogs, none. They cannot do it in the laboratory even with gene manipulations. On the contrary the research in DNA absolutely blocks their ludicrous hypothesis. There is NO scientific evidence that supports the conjecture that Charles Lyell, made in the 1830's about uniformitarianism, (i.e. all things continue as they have from the beginning, naturally with no cataclysmic events like a world flood or a supernatural intervention). There is NO scientific evidence that supports the conjecture that Charles Darwin made in 1859 when he jumped from uniformitarianism principles and supposed that all plants, fish, birds and animals have common ancestorial roots. There is NONE.

The THEORY of evolution is no more than that, and I don't reject the theory because of 'fear' I reject it because I can think, I can research, and I can find that the Biblical account of creation and of cataclysmic interventions of a supernatural God supports all the evidences seen in this world far better than the wild unproven, undemonstrated speculations of Darwinianism that now pretends, with no evidence, that it started 3.5 billion, that's 3,500,000,000, years ago. That such could possibly be true contradicts their uniformitarianistic basis of their initial conjecture! There is no science in their conjectures nor in their aging estimations. They are but wild unsubstantiated hypothesis that there is no God and no creator. NO science is involved in this hypothesis, no laboratory proving of the speculation. The “fossilized stromatolites and other fossil remains” offers clear evidence all right, but NOT evidence of an evolution of species that the Methodist Reverend purports. It is direct evidence of the mass graves of thousands, yea millions, of created beings which were drowned together in a world catastrophic flood. The innumerable metric tons of coal in the earth do not speak of millions of years of evolution but of a cataclysmic flood that uprooted millions of tons of lush vegetation that grew in a green-housed earth where things lived for hundreds of years. (i.e. explain the gigantic palm trees found frozen in the ice pack of both poles via your uniformitarian evolutionary theory!) The thousands of frozen mammoths found under the ice packs of Siberia and the Yukon, the thousands of dinosaur fossils and jungle animals found together in the mountains ranges of Antarctica do not support any theory of evolution, they absolutely confound it. But they do support a cataclysmic world flood that the evolutionists vehemently deny. Every known culture of humans has accounts of this world flood, it is not scientific to throw out all of that because it does not fit your current godless theory, in fact it is un-scientific. The immense pockets of oil in this world testify to millions of decayed animals buried in one catastrophic event, not to millions of years, that's why we call them fossil fuels! The Atlantic Ridge gives evidence of the foundation of the earth being broken up like the Bible says, not of millions of years of uniformitarianism as speculated by godless evolutionists. The Grand Canyon's formation in a few weeks of massive erosion from a huge trapped inner lake running off as the waters 'abated' after a world flood is very believable. Such has been demonstrated innumerable times when natural damns burst and erode canyons today, or when Mt. St. Helens cut canyons through bedrock in only weeks. That makes far more 'scientific' sense than the godless evolutionists idea that in millions of years of the Colorado river flowing through (up hill at first) dirt, it cut through their fictitious geological column. Today we have exposed fossilized trees that would have to grow through 300,000 of their fictitious years. That's unbelievable. That's not scientific evidence of evolution or of aging, that's balderdash. They cannot support one component of their hypothesis about the origin of life, the Miller-Urey 'scientific experiment' of 1952 was demonstrated impossible, unverifiable and fraudulent in 1960. It is still taught in our High School texts as 'scientific proof' of their hypothesis, doubtless the Methodist Rev. read it in his high school. The Darwinian cannot support one component of his hypothesis about evolution of a species of mammals coming from an amoeba that has both life and DNA, let alone from a banana, like Darwin supposed. And then to suppose that a family of rodents, slowly turned into a family of dogs, that traded paws and claws for hoofs of a horse is so much idle speculation that even an uneducated imbecile could see through it. They have no evidence at all, let alone any 'scientific evidence.'

If the age of this earth were only 2 million years and their theory of uniformitarianism were true the natural erosion of Niagara Falls would put it in Cleveland Ohio, and Lake Erie would be lush farm land. If only 2 million were true the Gulf of Mexico would be filled with Mississippi sediment and we would be bringing in potatoes not fish. All evidence demonstrates a earth that is less than 10,000 years old, unless you start with a wild hypothesis about snails slowly, slowly, slowly turning into mammals then slowly, slowly, slowly evolving into intelligent beings with Phds. The only thing that could get an estimate close to 2 million years is their fool conjecture that we evolved here, and now they are describing a “Hadean Era” of an uninhabitable earth 4.6 BILLION years ago, and a “Archaen Era” of an inhabitable earth only 3.8 BILLIOIN years ago. Those who would believe such rubbish exhibit a godless motivation and an immensley defective imagination. They describe two rocks rubbing together and magically producing organic material that turned into an amino acid and sparked life! ... DNA! That life somehow started to breath and it grew arms that slowly, slowly, slowly turned into wings. Balderdash! I don't reject that because I am a Fundamental Bible Believer, I don't reject that because it makes me afraid, I reject that because I am not an idiot, I can think logically; I reject that because I am an engineer and have studied the 3rd law of thermodynamics!

Fundamental Bible Believers are not afraid of Rev. Rauscher's ill conceived notion of evolution we just know that man has always rebelled against the authority of his creator and man will even believe the most ludicrous lies of a wildly speculated evolutionary hypothesis to pretend God didn't create the world in six days. Fundamental Bible Believers are not supremacists as the Methodist Rev. slanderously implied, we are people who believe the Bible. The Bible that he has rejected. We are people who hold to the fundamentals of the Scriptures that state that “God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life.” A Fundamentalist Muslim holds to his fundamentals of jihad and coercion with a sword. Shame on them. But a Fundamentalist Christian holds to the fundamentals of God's love and gracious offer of forgiveness to all men through the sacrifice of His only begotten son. In the name of Christianity the Roman Church did use the sword and coercion and burn fundamental Bible believers at the stake, tis true. Protestant 'Christians' did the same but each did so rejecting the fundamental teachings of God's Holy Word. There is no need for the Methodist Rev. to again villainize and preach hate and annihilation of the Fundamental Christians that he has attacked just because they do not believe his silly notion that we evolved here from swine.

Baptist Rev. Ed Rice