Dear Sirs,

Please print this rebuttal to Tom Flynn's intolerance in your Dec 28th paper.

Pastor Ed Rice

Good Samaritan Baptist Church, 54 Main St, Dresden NY 14441 (315) 536-0878

Mr. Tom Flynn ought not be dismayed by the intolerance of Christians, especially when it comes to a celebration about their Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Christians are commissioned by the Lord Jesus Christ to preach the gospel to every creature, to persuade men every where to believe on Him and to evangelize the world. Biblical Christians have an evangelical faith in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ and Mr. Tom Flynn and his agnostic, atheist cronies need to learn tolerance of such evangelistic outreach, preaching and persuasion, especially around Christmas time. A true Christian is not to be silently tolerant of unbelief, of other faiths, or of an atheist. If a person knows Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour they will tell anyone and everyone about that relationship, and do so with a fervent desire that they would also come to know Him in the same way. Prior to 1776 Baptist Preachers were put in jail for preaching the gospel to every creature. But today every Christian has the freedom to share their faith in Christ with everybody that they meet.

Mr. Flynn, following the godless mold of Robert Green Ingersoll, is being intolerant of Biblical Christians, as he whines about their celebration of Christmas and calls them a meaningless minority. Anyone who does not celebrate Christmas, as he boasts, needs to be an evangelical target for those who know the truth about Jehovah God and His Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ. We, as Christians, have a commanded obligation to communicate the love of Christ to such ignorance and unbelief. The secular god of pluralism and the religion of atheism try to make us Christians conform to their first commandment of tolerance. They have booted our God, Jesus Christ, and His book, the Holy Bible out of our schools and government and installed their first commandment “Thou must tolerate every form of unbelief and sinfulness” in it's stead. The advantage that Mr. Flynn and his god of secularism have is that Biblical Christians have no Chayefsky Point as he states it. For 1,975 years now, yea and more, we have been annexed, exiled, burned at the stake, drowned by immersion, whipped, beat and tortured. (Ref Hebrews chapter 11 of the Holy Bible.) The little bit of intolerance and villainization issued by Ingersollites and other secular humanists is a minor cost for our command to preach the saving power of the Lord Jesus Christ to every creature. They did more to Him than intolerant humanists can do to us today. Just the same, shame on Mr. Flynn for his gross and public intolerance of Christmas worshipers and Christian heralders. We shall ban together to pray for the salvation of his soul.

Yours in Jesus Christ

Edward Rice

Pastor, Good Sam Baptist Church