Subject: Lamoka Lake Baptist Camp

Dear Pastor Waggoner, Chaiman Lamoka Baptist Camp

(Cc Ed & Cindy Henry, & Pastor James Depue)

I was glad to see that Lamoka Baptist Camp has a new vitality and drive this year. I attended the camp as a teen in the 60's from my home church of Tuscorora Baptist under Pastor Schoonover. What joyous memories. When we came back to this area to pastor in 95 we were sorely disappointed in the standards of the camp and would be encouraged if some of the those problems have been addressed.

The camp had joined the 'Bible of the Month Club' accepting any modernist Bible in the camp. As a Baptist who lives and dies by the Words that God breathed into His Book, I cannot send support nor children to a camp which uses the modernists ecumenical bibles. Has this issue been resolved favorably to the old King James Bible yet?

Secondly, the public nudity that became the standard for teens at the camp cannot be tolerated if we were to again support this camp. Modest apparel has always been an issue for teens in training. That their body is to be the temple of God and needs to be covered modestly has been a sorely lacking teaching at Lamoka Baptist Camp. When I drive by the camp, I live on Waneta Lake just up the road, I am often embarrassed by the sign 'Baptist' above the scantily clad (2 piece swim ware is nudity) teen frolickers headed to the beach.

As the chairman of the camp I hope you can address these issues in a way that prevents such embarrassment for the name Baptist at Lamoka camp. Attached is an article which aptly addresses why I as a Baptist will not use the NIV or other modernist Bibles. The dress standards will always be a touchy issue for you, but I hope there can be some improvements over the years past. I look forward to hearing from you and visiting the camp again this summer. May God Bless as you make improvements to the Camp.

Pastor Ed Rice
Good Samaritan Baptist Church
54 Main St POBox99, Dresden NY 14441