Good Samaritan Baptist Church Pastor Ed Rice

February 10, 2004

Letter to the Editor:

Doesn't the Emperor have fine clothes on today? Or are all the people just blindly following? Can you sail off the edge of the world into oblivion? Or are all the leading minds just ignorant of truth? Does eating fat make you fat? Or does Dr. Atkins know the truth about diet? Will they find Martians out there? Did life evolve into existence from a rock? Is our earth really now up to four billion years old like they teach your 1st graders in school? Can evolutionist push their wild hypothesis just a little further and simply make this earth over 4,000,000,000 years old? Or will people see through their charade and say the Emperor has no clothes?

1) Our moon is moving away form the earth at a rate of over 6 inches per year. The gravity of the moon combines with the inverse square law and makes our oceans high tide and low tide. No big deal in our life time, but if the earth were 2 billion years old, the proximity of the moon would make for a high tide that is 1.18 miles deep. That would drown all their evolving creatures effectively twice a day!

2) Niagara falls is eroding away and moving toward Ohio. The rate is not of great concern in our lifetime, but if the world were only 2 million years old Niagara Falls would be in Ohio and lake Erie would be emptied by now. If the earth were only 6,000 years old, as the Bible alleges, and there was a world flood, as the Bible alleges, Niagara Falls would be in Niagara, New York today. Hey it is in Niagara, New York.

3) The Gulf of Mexico is filling with sediment from the great Mississippi river. If the earth were over 2 million years old the Gulf of Mexico would be filled and be called the fertile crescent today. It would have vast farms and not fishing boats. If the earth were only 6,000 years old, as the Bible alleges, and there was a world flood, as the Bible alleges, The Gulf of Mexico's silt depth would be at it's current level.

4) If the Grand Canyon was carved by the Colorado River over a 4 million year process then water had to flow uphill for the first million years; the top of the canyon being at a higher elevation at the river's outlet than at it's inlet. Not only that awesome miracle is required but there are fossilized trees that grew through a million years of their evolutionary theory. Now that is one old tree! If the earth were only 6,000 years old, as the Bible alleges, and there was a world flood, as the Bible alleges (and the evolutionists therefore vehemently deny), the water runoff from this continent's great plateaus would have produced the Grand Canyon sensibly and their million year old trees would be less than a hundred years old. Now, Who believes the politically correct myth here?

5) If a billion years ago the universe spun into existence from nothing as a result of a big bang that came form nowhere, wouldn't all the planets of our little solar system be spinning in the same direction? Laws of angular momentum say "Yes they must". They are not. Don't tell anybody?

Remember, the emperor actually had no clothes, he was butt naked, like the boy said. The earth is not millions of years old, it cannot be, the moon, the falls, gulf and the canyon scoff at such a hypothesis. (Also, the oldest growing coral wreath and the size of the oldest growing desert chime in with an opinion as well, one that says the earth must be under 10,000 years old.) So, eating fat does not make one fat, no matter what the New England Journal of Medicine says. And you don't actually sail over the edge of the earth and go into oblivion, you go into America. And in America there is coming a day when the grandest myth ever perpetrated on mankind will not be "the earth is flat", but that "life evolved over billions of years after a big bang". Pseudo scientists are still grappling for the evidence that such is true, all the while Public School, NPR and PBS affirm that the wild hypothesis is true in their every broadcast. No clothes indeed.

Pastor Edward G. Rice

Good Samaritan Baptist Church

54 Main St. POBox99, Dresden NY 14441

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