Good Samaritan Baptist Church Pastor Ed Rice


Dear Editor,

Learning to Speak Republican

Evangelical Christians are credited for the overwhelming defeat of Democrats in the Nov 2004 elections. True or not Republicans took Democrat votes and Democrats took only the liberal's votes. If Hillary Rodham Clinton or any other choice is going to have a bid for the white house in 2008 she will have to learn to speak Republican. Here are a few initial lessons for her.

When the Republicans met major defeat with Barry Goldwater, they stopped, stepped back and figured out that they were not in stride with mainstream America. If Democrats will learn from that lesson they will see that they missed America by three major strides taken by those classed as 'value voters.' The three value issues that were poorly faked by Senator Kerry concerned abortion, sodomy and guns.

Now the good Senator tried to be a Catholic with good values about abortion, but he had already voted for the atrocious practice of partial birth abortion and valued Americans could see right through this ruse. He stated that he thought marriage was between a man and a woman, as his Catholic church had taught him, but he even voted against Clinton's marriage act! He then callously leveraged with his opponents lesbian daughter to muddy up the water. Tiptoeing so carefully one wondered what was in his closet, so this ruse was transparent to those who know sodomy to be sin. He then went goose hunting and took the press in tow. He killed a goose with an actual gun, but the NRA has already reached America with their stern warnings about this anti gun Senator. This ruse was worse than unsuccessful it was flipflop fodder. The lesson to be learned is that Hillary will have to be real not ruse-ful. Her pro-partial birth abortion, pro-sodomite marriage, and antigun issues will have to be reversed if she is to pick up those red states,... it is like a mandate.

If Hillary will do anything to be President, and she has demonstrated that propensity so far, let her trade in her liberal valueless humanist progressive world view for one found in mainstream America. One with 'family values.' One with 'Biblical values.' Try going to one of those Black Baptist Churches and listen to what is preached instead of trying to corner the 'Black Vote.' They would teach her that the Lord Jesus Christ is her creator and we are not on a step of evolution but at war with devil-ution. Liberals think we are evolving into a higher being and if it feels right it likely is. Conservatives think we were closer to Jehovah God and his value system yesteryear when we were a Christian nation not ashamed of the 10 commandments. There are completely separate world views on these to islands of philosophy. We know which island Hollywood and Democrats are living on. Perhaps Hillary could use some of her husband's bridge building verbiage and get herself off that liberal island. It is a cinch pretending to be a moral Catholic, and shooting a goose with an actual gun won't blow enough smoke to fool Americans with values these days. Hillary would do anything to be president, ... well anything but the moral makeover it would take to get her some moral value.

Sincerely Yours

Pastor Edward G. Rice