Good Samaritan Baptist Church Pastor Ed Rice

November 11, 2001

Dear Sirs,

Gob Bless America?

God has already blessed America! Even now, as we witness a resurgence of folks who see the need for God's blessing on America, look what this nation is doing. The self avowed enemy of Christianity, Islam, which teaches that Judas Iscariot was crucified on the cross of Calvary, and that a woman, a dog, or a donkey which crosses before a man in prayer disavows his whole prayer, . . this Islam, is, and has been for 10 years, the fastest growing religion in America. Our president has called it a peace loving religion, and probably never even heard of Charles Martel. Have you? God help us.

On the moral front, Governor Patakki has, since Sep 11th, strong armed the largest pro-gambling bill in the history of the world. Legislation that even negates provisions in the NY State constitution. God forgive us.

And, in our government schools, that used to be public, where they could not legally pray on the National Day of Prayer, where they cannot name the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, nor open His Bible, nor even post His Ten Commandments, . . . that school system is endorsing, promoting, propagating, and even worshipping witches, warlords, and occultism, in the form of Harry Potterism. God rebuke us.

The God of the Bible cannot bless America unless His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ can bless America, and He, with his commandments is being strong armed out of this nation. God will only bless America if we, as a nation turn back to His Only Begotten Son. I do not see any such turn in our nation and ask what would it take to turn a nation. I do see the turn in a few individuals here and there, and they become what the Bible calls 'born-again' believers. Have you turned to the Son of God? What would it take to get you to turn?

This Thanksgiving, as Harry Potter's witches and warlords are turned loose in our theaters, as other 'Nations' of Indians plan their new casinos, and as Muslims bow towards Mecca in the absence of women, dogs and donkeys, let's pray that God Bless America, lets pray that a nation, one nation under God, would turn back to His Son, Jesus Christ. Let's pray that a majority of it's individuals will first.

Sincerely Yours

Pastor Edward G. Rice