Open Letter to School Boards and Superintendents

Please don't be ignorant about the religion taught in your school district.

One could say, “I don't believe there is any gold in China.” And we would say they are entitled to their opinion and tolerate them. But when they start a movement and infiltrate some national teachers association and mandate that it be taught exclusively in all public schools, come on! When they insist that references of gold brought from China to America be removed from every text, pledge, and class and that teachers not be allowed to say 'gold' and 'China' in the same sentence one might see how ludicrous this is. Not the secular humanist; they can't see it at all. 'No gold in China' is a statement of faith until you have overturned every rock in China. Every rock to a considerable depth! Now if this country were founded on the gold that came from China, you might understand why those who know and love the heritage of this free country would be upset. If you found this movement using some of that gold to finance their faith based conjecture into the public square every one should get upset. The secular humanist has made a faith based conjecture that there is no god in the universe. Without turning over a single stone to substantiate this conjecture they have forced it into our public schooling and will not tolerate any other teaching. They have used the gold in the statement “Separation of Church and State” to cause a people, ignorant of it's meaning, to enforce their edict of separation of god and country and especially separation of Jehovah God and country. Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of this Jehovah God (a by faith conjecture), is the sole founder of this thing called a Church (a by historical fact conjecture.) Its separation from state has to do with Baptists vs the Roman Empires Imperial Catholic Church and her daughters, not religion and not the public square. Do not ignorantly allow a religion of atheism make it mean separation of God and country. I have been told by the intolerably ignorant, that I could not take our Baptist Sunday School class into a village owned public square because of 'Separation of Church and State!' Atheistic Humanists are now using this faulty logic to force all public school teachers and staff to behave themselves as if they were atheistic in religion and thus prevent every other free exercise of religion in the public school. In the story line all it took was one child to stand and say “The Emperor has no clothes.” In America that child is mocked and scorned by NPR, hated by the NEA, sued by the ACLU and locked up by judicial decree. Could it be more obvious “The Emperor has no clothes!” and there could still be gold in China!

This is an excerpt from “Articles on Secular Humanism From a Baptist Preacher.” You should read the entire article at You may be blocked from this site on your schools computer because it contains information about God and His Son the Lord Jesus Christ which is not allowed in your school because of 'Separation of Church and State.' Go figure. Go learn. Check out the Emperor. Do something.

Edward G. Rice