Problems In the Public School

A Call for Education Reform

By Pastor Edward Rice

There have been outlined three major problems in America's public education which are major symptoms of a root cause to it's current dilemma. Succinctly stated the source problems are:

  1. The public schools are become government schools wherein the whole curriculum is driven by federal dollars and federal courts.

  2. The Science class has become a social experiment wherein anti-religious philosophy has been intermixed with science and only this atheistic philosophy is allowed into our public schools, especially in the science class.

  3. The teaching of spontaneous generation and evolution of species is scientifically bankrupt and so hollowed by DNA evidence that it is at the point of complete collapse, but ill contrived court precedent forbids questioning it in the science class.

These cry out for reform but such reform cannot be enacted outside of the individual school board actions and school boards are intimidated into submission by the ACLU and the threat of the courtroom.

The root cause to the dilemma in our public schools is thus three fold and that root cannot be unrooted without going to it's source. The Scopes Monkey trial of 1925 set the ugly precedent for the courts errant entry into the educational system. The precedent expanded in the 1963 court upholding the atheist Madelyn Murray O'Hare and making atheism the only accepted religion allowed in our school systems. Thus the insane, humanist, even demonic drive to evict God from every auspicious of life and our children's education has marked the entry of Supreme Courts as the controlling entity of the schools, has mandated the teaching of only one philosophy in the science class, and has embarked American society on a religious campaign to believe and allow only a naturalist explanation of the universe, no matter how unscientific that approach might be.

The Goodnews Christian Ministry (E.C.S.Leavenworth Ill) expertly put's it like this:

“In June of 1963, the Supreme Court upheld the argument of the atheist Madelyn Murray O'Hare and promulgated an edict with ramifications so widespread it insured that God would be evicted from public society across the entire spectrum of the American governmental system. From that day to this, not only has prayer been outlawed, God's very name has been declared anathema to the United States Constitution, and forbidden to be mentioned in any federal, state, county, city or municipal context.”

Notice the evil progression of the legal precedent that needs to be reversed to accomplish education reform. First in 1925 the Dayton Tennessee court room ruled that evolution “Must Be Taught” in the science class room. Ruling that all philosophies of our existence should be given equal and complete critical analysis in a science classroom would have been wholly adequate and proper. But instead the Scopes trial forced evolution into the schools as a proven science, when it was not even a soundly tested philosophy, and could never be an experimentally 'proven in the test tube' science. Secondly, the 1963 ruling for O'Hair ruled that a concept of God could not be taught in the school because it violated the religious rights of an atheist. This ruling so twisted the Baptist coined phrase of “Separation of Church and State” that it defies all logic. The twisted consideration of this phrase has been the cornerstone of the atheists wall to lock out all 'religious' philosophies of existence and to secure their nest as the only philosophy about human existence that is allowed in the public square, i.e. naturalism, via atheism is allowed to nest in the science class without any critical review, and all other philosophies are banned by the courts. Now that the atheist humanist's have secured the foundation of their wall in the public school, they strive to build the wall so high as to exclude God's Ten Commandments, America's motto “In God We Trust” and even 'One nation under God' with the misnomer of the phrase “Separation of Church and State.” The wall has proven so ludicrous that Americans have begun to call it so, thinking judges are finally calling it 'tiresome', and elected officials are seeing it as adversely hostile toward our founding religion of Christianity. This wall has now prohibited, by law, the free exercise of religion in America, and it's foundation, rooted in the public school system, must be broken up for education reform to take place.

This wall falsely standing on a derived coinage of “Separation of Church and State” must be dismantled for American society to get back on track as free thinkers. We need a freedom to think about all the philosophies of our very existence in this universe; especially with a freedom to think in the science class! Science classes should equally require any philosophy or hypothesis to stand a scrutiny of scientific method before it can gain the status of theory, much less be taught as scientific fact. Ongoing court cases have examined the concept of 'Inteligent Design' as a 'wanna-be' science that can patch up the horrible void found in evolutionary theory. They have ruled that it is not a science, because it is not scientifically testable. Bravo, except for the fact that they remain blind about evolution not being a science, and that it has failed every scientific test except previous court precedent and majority rule! Every item presented as evolutionary fact in the 1925 Scopes Monkey trial is now disallowed by science. Every item, except the final ruling that evolution must be taught as science by court order. Foundations need to be overturned before sanity can prevail in the science classroom.

Other Reference Material

Who was Madalyn Murray O'Hair? (1919, Pittsburg Pa, - 1995, murdered on a remote Texas ranch) From Who2, LLC:

“O'Hair was one of the litigants in the case of Murray vs. Curlett, which led the U.S. Supreme Court, in a 1963 decision, to ban organized prayer in public schools. The decision made O'Hair the country's most famous atheist and such a controversial figure that in 1964 Life magazine called her "the most hated woman in America." O'Hair founded the group American Atheists in 1963 and remained its leading spokesperson until 1995.”

Madalyn wanted an absolute wall between Government and God: From American Atheists:

“AMERICAN ATHEISTS has been the premier organization laboring for the civil liberties of Atheists, and the total, absolute separation of government and religion. It was born out of a court case begun in 1959 by the Murray family which challenged prayer recitation in the public schools. That case – Murray v. Curlett – was a landmark in American jurisprudence on behalf of our First Amendment rights.

Progress? From an APO in Kentucky:

“A panel of the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals approves a Kentucky display of the Ten Commandments and declares that the presentation has nothing to do with promoting religion ... Writing for the panel in the latest Kentucky case, Judge Richard Suhrheinrich blasted the American Civil Liberties Union which had brought the suit, and criticized "tiresome" legal arguments about the "wall of separation" between government and religion. He added that ACLU, and presumably other groups and individuals challenging such displays, did not represent a "reasonable person," and said that there was no evidence that county officials had a religious purpose in mind by allowing the display ... "Our concern is that of a reasonable person," wrote Suhrheinrich. "And the ACLU, an organization whose mission is 'to ensure that ... the government (is kept) out of the religion business,' does not embody the reasonable person." ... He also criticized "repeated references to the 'separation of church and state,'" opining that "This extra-constitutional construct has grown tiresome. The First Amendment does not demand a wall of separation between church and state. Our nation's history is replete with governmental acknowledgment and in some cases, accommodation of religion." ”

What happened? The top ten from Pastor Rice:

  1. ACLU initiated court rulings requiring separation of God and public.

  2. ACLU initiated court rulings about what can and cannot be taught in science classes

  3. ACLU initiated court rulings about what rules can schools can have. i.e. boys wearing skirts to get around a no shorts rule.

  1. The atheistic philosophy of spontaneous generation, though only a wild unsubstantiated hypothesis is called a theory and taught as fact, while all other hypothesis, specifically biogenesis, is forbidden consideration.

  2. The atheistic philosophy of evolution of a new species, though only a wild unsubstantiated hypothesis is called a theory and taught as fact, while all other hypothesis, specifically creationism, and even the agnostic's intelligent design, are forbidden consideration.

  3. The atheistic philosophy of a 4.5 billion year old earth, though only a wild hypothesis based on the circular reasoning around an artificially contrived geological column, which is dated by evolving fossil species which are dated with an artificial law of superposition and uniformitarianism by the same contrived and artificial geological column, is taught as unquestionable fact in every grade and every class of public school. Teaching this as fact brazenly teaches that the Holy Bible is a falsified fairytale. This desecration of the Bible is taught daily to every public school child from kindergarten through graduation. Just because this circular reasoning is accepted by a majority, it does not make it fact or even good theory via any scientific method. It is an unsubstantiated philosophy derived in attempt to salvage a far fetched methodology called 'natural selection' propagated by Charles Darwin and his Darwinian evolutionists.

  4. The teaching of spontaneous generation and evolution of species is scientifically bankrupt and so hollowed by DNA evidence that it is at the point of complete collapse, however illcontrived court presidense forbids questioning it in science class..

  5. The giant hoax that random chance could account for the multitude of species present in the world today, even given the unlimited time that Darwinian Evolutionist are requiring, has reached the end of it's life expectancy; scientists are showing their embarrassment, but holding firm on their monopoly on the education system.

  6. Suspected missing links like the ... are covered over in evolutionist's lies and deceipt.

  7. Human nature wants Jehovah God of the Bible out of their religion, out of their lives and out of their 'public square' via any avenue they can get him out. Avenues always begin in the eduction of the next generation. Their methods are currently prevailing but the final chapter is the Lords.