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Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ,
   Bev and I were privileged to take a 10 day Holy Land Pastor's Educational Tour through Christian Journeys of Toronto Canada and the Half Shekel Journal I  published is quite like my two cents about this life changing experience.  If you are a Christian who has never gone to Israel, God's Promised Land, I encourage you to go through the pages of this journal.  If you have gone, revisit the changed landscape through the eyes of this Baptist Preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Visit Israel, and you will never be the same.  All Christians will go there one day.  Read the journal and prepare for the trip.
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Sea of Galilee
The Book in individual  Half Shekel Volumes
Half Shekel Journal Preface
Half Shekel Journal Vol 1 - Day 1 n 2
Half Shekel Journal Vol 2 - Day 3 Caesarea  
Half Shekel Journal Vol 3 - Day 3 Carmel, Megiddo2  
Half Shekel Journal Vol 4 - Day 3 Nazereth  
Half Shekel Journal Vol 5 - Day 4 Tel Dan  
Half Shekel Journal Vol 6 - Day 4 Caesarea Philippi  
Half Shekel Journal Vol 7 - Day 4 Golan Olive Oil  
Half Shekel Journal Vol 8 - Day 5 The Sabbath   
Half Shekel Journal Vol 9 - Day 5 Sea of Galilee   
Half Shekel Journal Vol 10 - Day 5 Peter's Fish   
Half Shekel Journal Vol 11 - Day 5 On Baptism   
Half Shekel Journal Vol 12 - Day 6 Gideon n Beit Alph   
Half Shekel Journal Vol 13 - Day 6 Bet She'an   
Half Shekel Journal Vol 14 - Day 6 Qumran Scrools   
Half Shekel Journal Vol 15 - Day 6 Ein Gedi   
Half Shekel Journal Vol 16 - Day 7 Dead Sea   
Half Shekel Journal Vol 17 - Day 7 Masada   

 Half Shekel Journal Vol 18 - Day 7 Jerusalem  
Half Shekel Journal Vol 19 - Day 7 Via Dolorosa
 Half Shekel Journal Vol 20 - Day 8 Mount of Olives  
 Half Shekel Journal Vol 21 - Day 8 King Davids Tomb  
 Half Shekel Journal Vol 22 - Day 8 Archeology in Jerusalem  
 Half Shekel Journal Vol 23 - Day 8 Jerusalem's Model  
 Half Shekel Journal Vol 24 - Day 8 The Southern Steps  
 Half Shekel Journal Vol 25 - Day 8 The Western Wall  
 Half Shekel Journal Vol 26 - Day 8 The Western Tunnels  
 Half Shekel Journal Vol 27 - Day 8 The Waren Gate  
 Half Shekel Journal Vol 28 - Day 9 The Holocost Museum  
 Half Shekel Journal Vol 29 - Day 9 Golgotha  
 Half Shekel Journal Vol 30 - Day 9 The Empty Tomb  
 Half Shekel Journal Vol 31 - Day 10 The Farewell  
  Draft Book The Half Shekle Journal (very large pdf file)   

   I wanted to go to Israel ever since 1960 when I was saved and attended Marian Clark's Sunday School class at Gang Mills Baptist Chapel. I listened to him talk about the places where Jesus walked as if he had been there. I do not know that he had, but the pictures that he painted in my minds eye week after week, and God's promises that he taught in that Jr. boys class assured me that I would one day stand with my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, on the Mount of Olives and see Jerusalem with him as the King of kings and Lord of lords. I still will, but to visit there in the flesh was a dream I inherited from my Sunday School training and my father, Levi Rice. Since his salvation in the same Church in 1958, Dad always wanted to go to Israel, to actually see Jerusalem, and he had tickets in hand after his second by pass surgery. His heart was weak, but I had told him that to go and even to die in the land would be better than to forgo such a dream. I was disappointed that his doctor and others, concerned for his heart, talked him out of his 10 day trip to the Holy Land. He canceled his opportunity and died without visiting Israel. When the opportunity came for Bev and I to go on this 10 day Pastor Familiarization Tour it was financially impossible because we had just purchased tickets for our 10 day trip to Cajamarca, Peru, where our son Shane was ministering as a missionary. Impossible or no, the journal of this trip to the Holy Land is dedicated to Misty, Kassandra, Rachael, Rebekah, Moriah, Micah, Alexus, Charity, Lucas, Parker and Christina Rice, our 11 grand children, with the expectation that they too, one day, will get to walk where Jesus walked, and that they too, will one day stand on the Mount of Olives with their Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

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