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PPT Bible studies recorded from Pastor Ed Rice's Study

June 2021 Bible Studies
Post Pandemic Renewal
Evang Gerald Fielder  
May 2021 Bible Studies  
9 Blessed Rs II   9 Blessed Rs IIc  9 Blessed Rs III
a  9 Blessed Rs IIIb    9 Blessed Rs IIIc
9 Blessed Rs II     9 Blessed Rs IIc       9 Blessed Rs III        9 Blessed Rs IIIb     9 Blessed Rs IIIC

April 2021 Bible Studies
Easter Sunday  
Tabernacle IV      9 Blessed 'R's
  Easter Sunday       Tabernacle IV     9 Blessed 'R'sgs

March 2021 Bible Studies
Tabernacle with God I  
Tabernacle with God II   Tabernacle with God III  Palm Sunday Timing  
gs210307.mp4 Tabernacle with God I              14 Mar Sun Eve Bible Study               Tabernacle With God III                Palm Sunday Timing  

February 2021

Dealing With Stress,        Happy Valentines I,       Happy Valentines II,   The Last of the Last Days
Biblically        Love is Complicated       Communication       Be Ready
gs210207.png             gs210214.png           gs210221.png        gs210228 
                      Slides in pdf          Slides in pdf        ..msgs/gs210228.pdf   

January 2021
Why Baptist use ONLY the Authorized King James Bible

Happy New Year  
What is to become of a nation that votes out Make America Great?  And votes against America 1st?  
How did the liberal left overturn 74 million legitimate votes anyhow?   
How Did America Get Here? Wrath of God is to Come!
gs210103             gs210110
Behold the Day of the Lord Cometh, A day of darkness!         The Last Days -- The Salvation of Israel

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