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Book Ref: Ther Emperor's New Clothes

  "ACLU - The Enemy Within Fact Sheet"  

Bible Truth about Secular Humanism

by Pastor Edward Rice
  Since 1998 I have pastored Good Samaritan Baptist Church in Dresden NY which is right across the steet from the Secular Humanist shrine, the Robert Ingersoll Birthplace Museum.  How could I remain silent.
The articles below are presented in love, that you may see the lies of the atheistic religion of Secular Humanism, currently  the only religion allowed free exercise in our public school system.

Open Letter to Baptist Preachers 1/15/06

Open Letter to Concerned 

Open Letter to School Boards 

The Greatest Need In  Education Reform 

Article 1 The Intolerable Ignorance of the Secular Humanist

Article 2 The Intolerance of Secular Humanists

Article 3 Humanism vs Individual Soul Liberty

A Good Glossary of Terms

  Appendix 1 Published Letters and Correspondance

 Appendix 2 Open Letters

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