Systematic Theology for the 21st Century

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

   There is no Baptist Systematic Theology in print today, i.e. there is no Systematic Theology work that has the inerrant, infallible, verbally inspired word of God as its sole authority (Baptists, by definition, have it as their sole authority for all faith and practice). There ought to be. There is a cause.

Dear Bible Student
“The Systematic Theology for the 21st Century” is a work in progress. I wrote drafts of each section while working on my doctorate at LBTS ( I am a KJV-Only kind of Bible student and that position is staunchly presented throughout this systematic theology.
(A brief 8 page exposé of “Why Baptists use only the Authorized King James Bible, the ONLY complete English Bible” is available at )

The Systematic Theology Working Group receives monthly updates and free access to the latest volumes of this effort. Thank you for participating.  In return you can review, promote, and provide feedback on the 12 volumes.


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This Systematic Theology for the 21st Century is divided into twelve sections as follows:
Part 01 Prolegomena 8/21/2019 21cent_vol01Prolegomena.pdf 
Part 02 Bibliology (The Doctrine of the Bible) 8/21/2019  21cent_vol02Bibliology.pdf  
   Bibliology Worksheets
1/19/2017 th202a/21cent_vol02wrksheets.pdf  
Part 03 Theology (The Doctrine of God)
7/15/2018 21cent_vol03Theology.pdf 
Part 04 Christology (The Doctrine of Christ ) 6/27/2018 21cent_vol04Christology.pdf   
Part 05 Pneumatology (The Doctrine of Holy Spirit) 3/02/2019 21cent_vol05Pneumatology.pdf  
Part 06 Anthropology (The Doctrine of Man) 9/26/2019 21cent_vol06Anthropology.pdf  
Part 07 Hamartiology (The Doctrine of Sin) 9/30/2019 21cent_vol07Hamartiology.pdf   
Part 08 Soteriology (The Doctrine of Salvation) 8/1/2019 21cent_vol08Soteriology.pdf   
Part 09 Ecclesiology (The Doctrine of the Church) DRAFT 11/7/2019  
Part 10 Angelology (The Doctrine of Angels) DRAFT 12/04/2016 21cent_vol10 Angelology.pdf   
Part 11 Eschatology (The Doctrine of Last Things) DRAFT 8/17/2019  21cent_vol11Eschatology.pdf  
Part 12 Epilogue DRAFT   21cent_vol12Epilogue.pdf  

12 Volume Set in pdf zip file  

Each section is in draft and available in pdf format from my site
Combination Volumes are compiled as follows: (Vol I, II, III in print 
at  )
Volume I Prolegomina and Bibliology (550 pages)  21cent_6x9vol01.pdf     21cent_6x9vol01.epub  
Volume II Theology, Christology, and Pneumatology (341 pages) 21cent_6x9vol02.pdf     21cent_6x9vol02.epub  
Volume III Anthropology, Hamartiology, and Soteriology (347 pages) 21cent_6x9vol03.pdf     21cent_6x9vol03.epub  
Volume IV Ecclesiology and Angelology (In Draft 8/21/2019)
Volume V Eschatology and Epilogue
(In Draft 8/21/2019)

Thank you for your interest and studies in systematic theology. Please contact me with any suggestions Pastor-Rice(att)

Volume I and II Available in paperback at  (550 pages for $27)
(also see
Volume IV Ecclesiology and Angelology   21cent_6x9vol04.pdf     21cent_6x9vol04.epub  
Volume V Eschatology and Epilogue   21cent_6x9vol05.pdf     21cent_6x9vol05.epub  

Presently Available in pdf of Indevidual Parts

   21cent_vol00Index.pdf    21cent_vol01Prolegomena.pdf  

  21cent_vol02Bibliology.pdf    21cent_vol02theopneustia.pdf  

  21cent_vol03Theology.pdf    21cent_vol04Christology.pdf  

  21cent_vol05Pneumatology.pdf    21cent_vol06Anthropology.pdf  

  21cent_vol07Hamartiology.pdf    21cent_vol08Soteriology.pdf  

     21cent_vol10 Angelology.pdf   

  21cent_vol11Eschatology.pdf     21cent_vol12Epilogue.pdf  

Volume I and II Available in paperback at  

 You are solicited to join in a five year theological journey which will end with a “Systematic Theology for the Twenty First Century.” The only fare is that you review the work as it is being assembled monthly. All critiques will be welcomed and any born again believer is fully qualified to construct and certainly to critique such a work. A systematic theology is simply drawing a circle around the Holy Bible, and then rationally considering every principle, concept and thought that has been revealed to man by God. It shall be exhaustive, but in this venue, with your help, it need not be exhausting.

   The reward for your participation will be a copy of the completed work. But that will barely compare with the benefit we each will gain in assembling such a work.

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BIBLIOLOGY - Systematic Theology Part 02
(The Doctrine of the Bible)  

Also BI101 Biblical Greek Introduction I
(The Doctrine of the God)  

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Pastor Edward Rice was saved as a young man in Painted Post, New York where he grew up. He married Beverly and left the dairy farm to serve in the USAF in 1972. They had three boys as they served in the military for ten years. In 1982 he finished his Electrical Engineering degree at Ohio State University, via an Airman Education Commissioning Program, and was commissioned as a USAF officer pursuing a research and development career in classified programs. While moving around the USA in the military he was a youth pastor and associate pastor in Independent Baptist Churches near his station. In 1995 he became Captain Rice, USAF retired, and surrendered to be a Baptist Pastor. In 1998 he took the senior pastorate at Good Samaritan Baptist Church, in Dresden, New York where he has been pursuing his theological studies at Louisiana Baptist Theological Seminary. Pastor Rice received his second masters degree from LBU in 2013. His son Michael is US Army retired living near Fort Hood Texas, Shane is an Independent Baptist Missionary pastoring Chiesa Biblica Battista, Mazara Del Vallo, Italy, and Matthew is serving our Lord Jesus Christ near Hamilton, NY. Capt Rice has spent seven years teaching math and science with the ABeka Christian High School Curriculum, and seven years teaching college math at community colleges near his church. 

Systematic Theology for the 21st Century

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