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Books  by Pastor Ed Rice (In Draft)
* The Biblical Doctrine of  Election and Predestination (pdf)  
* Learning to Speak Roman Catholic     (pdf)  
* Learning to Speak Secular Humanism   (pdf)  
* What The Bible Says - in Weekly Penny Pulpits   (pdf)  
* Essays in Science - A Christian Perspective   (pdf)
* A Commentary on Epistle of James   (pdf)  
A Biblical Prophecy Primer   (pdf)
* A 357 Mag Shoots Holes In Modernist Bibles  (pdf)  
* A Commentary on Eccl - Purpose in Life  (pdf)  
* A Study of the Hebrew Tabernacle   (pdf)
  Abraham to Bondage Msg Series   (pdf)
 * A Commentary on Psalm 119 (SS Lessons)   (pdf)  

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Anger Management        Depression Managment Counsel         Dealing with Addictions

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Information About The Bible and YOU 

Teaching Seminar - 7 Laws of Teaching  (PDF)
Poetry by Jackie LaBarr

One cannot fully embrace the vast wisdom of God without a knowledge of the Greek and Hebrew languages with which he communicated to mankind!
Simplified Learning GREEK , For Every Christian. Essential for Baptist Pastors,

 Seminary Student of Calvary Baptist Theological Seminary
A PLETHORA of book reports and seminary assignments written by Ed Rice the Part time Seminary Student will soon be available by clicking on the studious icon to the left. 
These pages are still under construction or in development and will be till graduation in 2012! 10/23/98

Letters To The Editor Plus Submissions by Pastor Edward G. Rice
Good Samaritan Baptist Church, Dresden NY

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